A seductive dancer. An inexperienced Officer. A chance to right the wrongs.

Brice danced in the shadows of his rival, Zephyr. The man who got everything they both auditioned for. When Brice decided it was time to settle down, Zephyr swooped in and stole the choreographer job away, revealing a little too much of his Brice’s sultry job.

The first time Hugo met Brice, they’d run into each other, literally. Hugo had saved Brice from a freeway accident and he couldn’t get the man out of his mind.

A chance meeting at the strip club, a kiss caught on film, and an opportunity of a lifetime for both. where they end up next is anyone’s guess.

Hearts Revised is a stand alone novel with a happily-ever-after ending. It’s the third book in the Professions of love series – stories that give non-traditional couples a second chance.

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