Home Is Where The Hard Is


“Look, it’s over if you zip that duffel bag.” Nik stopped and looked into Chad’s eyes. “Then I’ll know you aren’t willing to fix this,” he said and turned to lean against the wall.

This was the same forty-five minute fight that had been going on for the past three months. Nik and Chad would agree to disagree, go about their business and then Chad would say something stupid and the fight would start again. But it was the first time an end to the five-year relationship was left hanging in the air.

They’d had their ups and downs. Chad firmly stated the relationship was open, that he could have other partners, and Nik went along with it for a long time. But when Chad said they needed to add a third to the relationship: that was the straw that broke the camel’s back. That was when the fighting began.

Chad had a deadline looming, and he knew the beach house would be the place to calm his mind, get him away from the constant arguing. And what that meant was that the duffel bag needed to be zipped.

“Look, Nik…” he said and then shrugged. “I guess we’ll never fix each other. I want something you’ll never understand because you’re not willing to be open to more than just me.” He rubbed his face, grabbed a couple of books on the nightstand and tossed them in the bag before continuing. “Maybe books about threesomes are being written because it’s what authors want but can never get.”

“You never gave me a chance to explain. You have never listened to me, Chad. Ever.”

“I have. It’s gonna be over, and I’ve given up on your―” he made quotes with his fingers “―exploring more.” Chad zipped the bag closed, as Nik took a deep breath, sighed and gave up.

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