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Hello everyone! Today I’m talking with Hunter Frost and I’ve discovered that she’s a former Cali girl living in Las Vegas. She’s constantly trying to convince her fiancé to move someplace with actual moisture because dry heat is highly overrated and she misses the color green. She has two cats, Java and Latte and a job with the University of Nevada, Las Vegas from where she recently received her MA in British History. She loves the ocean, the rain, and extra marshmallows in her s’mores. Her heart tells her to write stories about men who fall in love, always with a happy ending.

Her latest release is short story from JMS Books called Cowboy Therapy, about a reluctant skater guy who meets a sexy cowboy at an equine therapy ranch. 

CC: What gets you in the mood to write?
HF: Fun ideas for characters. Plot bunnies. And music! I think this is the magic recipe for inspiring me to sit down and write – whether it be jotting down ideas in a notebook or typing away at the keyboard. If I’m excited about my characters and my story, it’s hard to stop writing.

CC: Where do you write?
HF: I write in bed. It’s probably not the best place, but it works for me. We have a huge forty-five inch television at the foot of the bed. I connected my Mac Mini to it along with a wireless mouse and keyboard and voila – mega monitor! Pillows are my only back support, so it can be problematic after long periods of writing. But it’s great when I need to take a nap.

CC: If you could meet one author to have dinner with, living or dead, who would it be?
HF: Hmm, I think most authors are introverts and having dinner with them would be more awkward than anything else. It might be all furtive glances and hoping I don’t say something stupid. But, Stephen King might be fun, and any of my author friends would be an absolute pleasure. Caraway and I could laugh for days!

CC: Have you written characters that are someone you know?
HF: Not usually. However, I do like to use characteristics that I see in my friends and in those that are not my friends. If something I notice in a friend strikes me as an interesting aspect of a character I’d like to write, why not?

CC: Is there a genre you haven’t written, but would like to explore?
There are a lot of genres I’d like to explore – mostly suspense, thrillers, mystery, and horror. I’m working on a Victorian gothic paranormal series for next year that is unlike anything I’ve ever done. I’m enjoying the research and the outlining process. I’m really excited about it.

Be sure to come back next week, and learn a little bit about M. A. Church.

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