Hunter Frost – 6/29

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Hunter Frost is a former Cali girl living in Las Vegas. She’s constantly trying to convince her husband to move someplace with actual moisture because dry heat is highly overrated and she misses the color green. She has two cats, Java and Latte, and a job with the University of Nevada, Las Vegas from where she received my MA in British History. She loves the ocean, the rain, and anything with marshmallows in it. Her heart tells her to write stories about men who fall in love – always with a happy ending.

She currently has four short stories available for purchase and two free reads on Goodreads. She’ll be attending GRL this year as a Supporting Author.

CC: What do you like about being a Supporting author at GRL?
HF: I’m excited to have my own table at such a popular conference and to be able to chat with the best readers ever! I’m fairly new so I’m hoping to hand out a few books and give people a taste of what I write. Plus, I’ll be surrounded by good friends and the m/m community. I can’t wait for October.

CC: Do you like to research?
HF: Since I’m a life-long student at heart, research is totally my thing. I wanted my MA in British Studies because one day I hoped to use all that knowledge in my books. Mostly. (I still haven’t written anything historical – go figure). I’ve found my love of research to be both positive and negative, and something that requires awareness and balance. I could spend months researching a time period, a career, a locale, or technical terminology for a novel where I’ll only use a quarter of what I’ve learned in the actual book. I’ve come to realize the idea of capturing something perfectly will never happen. Research with a particular question or focus in mind or you’ll end up in tangent city! And you’ll never get the story written.

CC: Are you a full-time or part-time writer?
HF: I’m currently a part-time writer, working in administration at the university until I can support myself comfortably with writing. My dream is to be a full-time writer in three years. I know, lofty goals. Wish me luck! Or better yet, try one of my books 😉

CC: Can you work on more than one WIP at a time?
HF: I pretty much have no choice. The characters from multiple stories push their way to the forefront of my mind and I have to go with it. Luckily, they tend to go in phases. So I’ll write for a couple of weeks or a month on one story and then another will vie for attention. I’ll write for a month on that, and then go back to the other. It doesn’t always happen like that, but most of the time. As long as all of the stories are completed in a timely manner, I’m fine with it.

CC: Have you written something that you’d be sure everyone would pick up on, but didn’t?
HF: As a matter of fact, yes. I wrote a story for a prompt over on Goodreads for the M/M Romance group event Don’t Read in the Closet. The story, Don’t Wake Me Up, is one of my favorites. I loved the characters, the plot…even the ending. And I’m not usually so enamored with my stories. I wrote this one as an homage to yaoi. But only one person I knew understood that. The majority ripped it apart. It just goes to show you, not everyone will see it as you do. Still, I took it as a learning experience. There are always ways to improve. I’m new to all this and though the process may be difficult, the most rewarding things usually are.

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