I Can Do This, I Will Do This – 10/12

The fact that I’m writing this post, is amusing, because I’ve done nothing but stall. I’ve reinvented my website for the umpteenth time in as many months. I know I’ve got to get this story done, the guys are clamoring  in my head, the other mother wants her story told too.

Not to mention all the other characters jumping at the back of my head. Maybe if I list what I’ve got planned out, I’ll jump on board and write.

  • The First TimeMLR Press Holiday story, sequel to Anders & Ujaruk (So close to being finished.)
  • The Scarlet LockBeaten Track Publishing Anthology (Nearly finished, I’m bummed I lost those 1800 words.)
  • Cinnamon Twist & Snickerdoodle – Private Project (Need an edit and a masturbation scene.)
  • Breathe – MLR Press Take a Pause call – Characters are talking, telling me things. I know it has to do with Vets, Judaism, Therapists, Suicides and a Friends to Lovers theme.
  • Mid Century Mayhem: A Clive Nelson Mystery – Beaten Track Publishing – I have the layout for up to four additional novels. Recurring characters, storylines, murder plots, love, intrigue. I seriously cannot wait to get back into this world.
  • The Prequel & Sequel to Hawaiian Trunks.
  • World’s End – A book about a pleasure resort (Pansexual.)
  • The Seminary – Church Porn

Those were in order of how I’d like to get them done. My next year is full up, heck the end of this year is full up. And I’ve reworked my blog to get a more cohesive look. I’m working through a blog make over program.

Not to mention, I’m entering books into my Amazon account to sell, if you need a romance, I probably have one for you. I’ve got nearly every Harlequin written, some from the 50’s up to the 80’s. There are Science Fiction, Western, Non-Fiction, and Fantasy books there too.

So, yes… this is about the motivation I need to get going.

  • Business cards – Check
  • New website/blog – Check
  • GRL – Check
  • Ten projects with more in folders, waiting to be written – Check

There it is Caraway, there’s your motivation.

I made a deal with a friend of mine, Hunter Frost, that we’d be writing full time in five years. That’s motivation!

I can do this, I will do this!


  1. Yes! You can do this. We can do this. You’re already ahead of the game with projects galore to work on. You are on your way!

    I need to find a handy excel spreadsheet for sales and profits that we can just drop our titles in and record payments (quarterly and otherwise) to see where we are financially as the years tick by. I better get moving myself – on writing and other business matters. Thanks for the reminder, Caraway. 🙂

    1. carawaycarter.com-admin says:

      I discovered a program called Novelrank that keeps track of your amazon sales. It’s good news and bad news sometimes, but it helps you keep an eye on what you’ve done. Congratulations, on your successes, Hunter. And your welcome too.


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