I’m Motivated When I’m in Flow 10/19

alejandro Escamillo Work

What is Flow?

I’m going to be showing my age right about now. Flow is not the loud-mouthed waitress on Alice, It’s getting into what you are working on. I’ve had times where I’ve sat down at 5 and then looked up and it was 8. It’s getting to that place where everything is getting done and it’s easy and simple and the next thing you know you’ve written 6k words.

These are a few things I do to keep me sane when I’m writing.


I have several playlists that I listen to, they keep me in the mood. Every piece I write, I create a playlist of mood music. They usually contain between ten and forty-two songs on them, I hit shuffle and get in the mindset of my guys.

Self Control

I typically do not have self control, I’m a huge procrastinator and if push came to shove, I’d more often than not just surf the internet and read about other people working and publishing. But, when I’m getting in flow or need to be there, I use this great app. You basically block out all the places you’d roam to for a length of time. So, I’ve blocked Facebook, twitter, gmail, tumblr, and I’ve very close to blocking pinterest, but I use it so many times for research.


Whether I’m in a Starbucks or my most recent spot, Ink and Bean. I find that a simple latte gets my mind moving, it’s an expensive habit, so I don’t go to one of these places often. I find that I drink a lot more when I’m writing at home.


The time I’m writing. It’s funny, because I can sit down and start writing, no matter where I am. If it’s too noisy, I can plug in my ear buds and get that playlist going. But, I find that I do my best writing either early in the morning or late at night.

Friends, it’s different for everyone. What works for me, might not work for you. Why don’t you comment and tell me what you do to keep the motivation going?


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