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Maybe, the advice I would have given a younger Caraway, will be seen and noticed by other authors who are starting out. I found this old thing from 2015. I’ve updated it to remind me of more information to remember.


Dear Caraway,

The biggest thing I need to tell you is believe in yourself. Your brain knows what it wants to say, listen to everything. And know that your story may come out all convoluted and wont make anyone happy. It’s called a shitty first draft for a reason. Do not judge yourself based on that first draft.

Also don’t send that shitty first draft to the publisher, edit it yourself first, then have betas read it, and if you have the money, send it to a professional editor and finally you can send it on.

Believe that when someone tells you that you are a good writer, you are a good writer. No one is going to encourage you to be a writer if they think you write poorly. They might say, oooh you should take classes and cultivate that. But A man sitting on a blanket for a picnic.you, Caraway, are a natural storyteller.

When you get married, oh yes… you are going to get married one day, listen to your husbear. I know, it’s a cute moniker. He calls you his husboy… anyway. When he tells you he doesn’t want to hear your story till your third draft. Listen to him, because it’s going to be hard. But, this way he wont try to fix everything and you wont get mad that he’s trying to fix everything.

Stop buying books every time you start a new project, you know how to write, just look at paragraph number one, and possibly number two.

Things will devastate you in this lifetime, but you have to get back on the horse and finish what you started. Learn to sign your name, you’ll hate the r’s, but people will like the name and you’ll be happy.

The left side is of a doctor, the right side is of a mechanicJust keep writing, don’t be afraid, be happy and bring your “A” game. Save your money for GRL and 20 Books Vegas. Be positive and have fun with life. You will be a published author one day. You’ll have many friends who will love and support you. Many varied friends.

Be compassionate towards your husbear, he’s a great guy. You got really lucky there. Be understanding to those around you. When you can, be supportive of new and old authors alike. When the money comes in, be sure to help others who helped you.

Do not get angry with yourself if you don’t complete a project right away, or you don’t write every blog post how others do it. Do not change your writing to fit someone else’s mold. Write like you. People will like it.The left side is an architect, the right side is a barista

Try to always put together a story bible, you never know when something will need a sequel, or people will want to know the outcome of a relationship or how they got together.

Remember that nanowrimo does not always have to be about vampires and church porn. It can, but if you are trying to write that great love story, it doesn’t have to end that way. Also, try Camp Nano doesn’t have to be 50,000 words anymore. It can be more or it can be less, or it can be two or three projects.

A palette of paintsDon’t go to GoodReads unless you are already depressed, the reviews are not the real feelings. Even your favorite authors get one star reviews.

Believe in doing greater and more exciting things. You can do this!

But, always remember.

You are Caraway Carter, you will be a published author, and you will be asked for autographs. (R’s will be the bane of your existence.)

Just be happy!

An older, but still learning Caraway


  1. Adam says:

    As the husbear, can I just say: Co-sign. This. All of this. (And d’awww… I’m blushing.)

  2. Jack Juliet says:

    I love this, Caraway! ~jack💗💗💗

    1. carawaycarter.com-admin says:

      Thank you so much.

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