Inspiration Sucks

If I sit here all day waiting for inspiration, I’ll be doing just that, sitting and waiting. I’ve been given the go ahead and the request of a book by October 1st. Now, do you know what I have been doing? I’ve been watching, Rosemary & Thyme.

I have been saying, “Oh, it’s for research.” However, inside I’m worried I can’t pull off this amazing series idJenelle Ball_on_a_logea I’ve come up with. Then I see that slowly my other books are getting reviewed. For a while I blamed my lack of writing on the fact that no one was reviewing Home Is Where The Hard Is, but that got a great review yesterday. So, all bets are off. I’m kicking my inner voice in the head, knocking him out and getting to the act of writing.

Like the old adage goes, there was a frog who wanted to get off a log. Do you know what happened to him? He’s still on that log, because he wanted to do something, he never just did it. I’m on the log, I need to just get off.

I always wanted to write. Then last year I did it. I’m a published author, I get to say that. And now I need to continue to say that, because it’s true and people want to read more from me. So, why should I disappoint?

A hint for my book series idea? It’s a cozy mystery, set around home rehabbing. My main character’s name is Clive Nelson. I look forward to dropping red herrings for you as the story gets closer to completion.

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