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This weeks Saturday Seduction, is an interview with my very good friend, Louisa Bacio! She’s perfect for a Saturday Seduction stopover, so take a look at her interview. Enjoy a special Wednesday Walkabout.

Ciao sweetie! *smooches cheek*
Alright, now that I’m thoroughly blushing, I’m happy to introduce Louisa Bacio to everyone. Right now, she’s very much looking forward toWinterSolsticeMenage_200x300 some holiday celebrations, and spending some downtime with her family.

In addition to being a writer of contemporary and paranormal erotic romance, she’s also a college professor and mom of two. Right now, she’s excited about a new release, coming out on Friday, Winter Solstice Ménage. It’s part of the Black Hills Wolves sub-series, Winter Solstice Run. Five books that give more than a glimpse at how the Pack spends the holidays. 

Winter Solstice Ménage tells Sugar’s story. She comes to the Pack to see her brother Yas, and meets up with hot twins – who she didn’t know were siblings. Whoops!

CC: What gets you in the mood to write?
LB: A sexy song, a sexy man or woman, a glass of wine … voices in my head that want to have their stories shared. As a writer, I sometimes feel like a conduit to these characters who want life.

CC: Where do you keep your inspiration?
LB: Huddled somewhere amongst my POP Superhero figurines, gurgling fish tanks, mini-fridge, and goodies galore! Sometimes I wish there was a special cookie jar I could open and have the words pour out, and sometimes I wish I could seal it tight and make the conflicting voices stop.

In any case, I cherish this gift of the written word.

CC: If you could meet one author to have dinner with, living or dead, who would it be?
LB: My fallback answer to the question probably remains the same: Stephen King. He’s been a major influence for a long time, and my master’s thesis in English was based on his Dark Tower series.

Now, can I also have the wish not to get locked up and tongue-tied if I ever got the chance?

CC: Is there something unusual that has influenced your work?
LB: Sometimes I feel like I’m stuck in the Disney syndrome. My mother died when I was 14, and many of my characters are without parental support. If I think about it too much, I’m probably working through issues of not having that guidance. Since I’m more conscious of it, I think I do it less.

CC: Have you written characters that are someone you know?
LB: Oh, what a question. They are all based on people I know! Vampires, shifters and I hang all the time! (Will that sell more books? LOL.) Seriously, not really. Subconsciously, maybe I take a hint of this person and a tidbit from another, but not anyone on purpose. My first full-length novel Sex University: Physical Education just re-released. Next year, I’m excited for book 3 in that series, The Master Class, which just might feature some conscious elements of a person I’d never admit to!

Be sure to check back next week to learn a little bit more about Sarah Vance-Tompkins.

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