My Ten “RESEARCH” boards 10/31

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Ten go-to Pinterest boards when I do “RESEARCH,” the safer mode. Let’s face it as authors, even readers we tend to look for men doing things, dressing a certain way, or experiencing something with a partner. This is a collection of ten of my favorite boards to peruse.

Next week, I’ll put together a more not safe for work collection of websites, for now, be aware that there are a few nsfw images found in the pinterest boards. Unfortunately, if you do not have a pinterest account, you will not be able to see much more than the first line or six of pages.

So, from most tame to least, I give you my favs.


  1. Camp Aesthetic: discovered this board when I was looking for bearded men and I found a collection of camping and men. Everything on this board is pleasing, the fog rolling in, the canoes, even the men making breakfast. Sometimes, I’ve needed a look or an image of a forest, and this board helps me find that feeling I needed.
  2. Profile Pics: is my own board. For the longest time, I just posted images of men. A close-up of a suspender attachment, a pair of worn black boots, a wrist with bangles on it, men in suits, crotch shots. If you need a body type, an item of clothing or know how a man dresses these days, check out my profile pic board.
  3. Men’s Fashion 40+: board is of men, 40+ and the clothes they wear and look good in. Not only are you getting fashion sense, but also you are getting a full package. A man you can drool over or use for your next MC.
  4. Skuglen:’s described as Beards among other things. I can tell you it’s bodies too, it’s a full package of a man with a sexy full beard. Doing everything from sitting, to mixing a drink. From swimmers to runners and a man playing a guitar.
  5. Kilted: pic on the board states “Pants are for men with ugly legs.” I have to agree, kilts lead your imagination to other things, like how you wish you had mirrors on the tops of your shoes. There are so very many different types of kilts, the sexy exposing you kilts to very traditional pictures. Take a look at the varied collection.
  6. Cowboys and Country Men: doesn’t get any better than this. Men in jeans working hard or just showing it all off. My current WIP has a cowboy and a business man, so I’m constantly looking around for men who make me want to run away to a farm or ranch.
  7. Bear: are reaching the NSFW content. With Bear, I’ve found all the big hairy men, the sexy and nerdy alike. This board has made many writing fantasies happen.
  8. Men Revisited in BW: sexy photos, from simple mundane settings, to men in leather and uniforms. This collection will not disappoint. Something about a photo in B&W that really makes a simple picture, more sexy.
  9. Second Skin:, everything from a fist in a leather glove to a close up shot of a man’s crotch. Sensual pleasure in every other picture. I don’t always write about sweet men who don’t know when they have the perfect man in front of them. This board has something for you, and you’ll know when you see it.
  10. THE BOSS: is more hot to me, than a man in a business suit, having sex. I don’t know what it is, but I just get so turned on. This board has shots of men in various states of dress from full on suit, to no suit on.


I hope you got something out of this Pinterest collection. Take what you like, save what you need, pin what turns you on. And, I’ll see about a naughtier collection for you in the future.


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