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Posy Roberts writes about the realistic struggles of men looking for love. Whether her characters are family men, drag queens, or lonely men searching for connections, they all find a home in her stories.

Posy is a Jill of all trades and master of the drill and paintbrush. She’s married to a partner who makes sure she doesn’t forget to eat or sleep during her writing frenzies. Her daughter, a budding author and cinematographer, helps her come up with character names. For fun, Posy enjoys crafting, hiking, and singing spontaneously about the mundane, just to make regular life more interesting.

CC: Do you like to research?
PR: I love to research. It’s honestly one of my favorite parts about writing, and I’ve been known to get lost online for days. Thank goodness for Pinterest! What a great tool for me to refer back to when I finally get to the writing stage. If I weren’t writing, I’d probably be back in yet another graduate program, learning about something new that strikes my fancy. Writing is a great way for me find out new things without going broke on tuition and adding more useless letters behind my name. Bonus: no one tests me and I only have to include the parts of the research I find relevant to my characters.

CC: Have you written characters that are someone you know?
PR: My North Star trilogy was inspired by my best friend and a medical scare. We were walking around the lake when she told me her fears for her children. She was going through a messy divorce, didn’t trust her ex, and wondered who was going to take care of her kids when she was gone. Yes, that kind of diagnosis.

While we walked and talked, Spark, Fusion, and Flare started to glow inside me. Not even kidding, no matter how cheesy it sounds. That was in early May. It took time to find out what was going on with my best friend, and thankfully, her prognosis wasn’t nearly as dire as initially expected, but that wasn’t the only thing that made me lose sleep. Hugo and Kevin wouldn’t stop talking to me, so I listened.


In June of 2012, I wrote Spark. I was going to edit it and try to submit it to Dreamspinner Press, but Hugo and Kevin wouldn’t shut up, even waking me from peaceful slumbers. So in July I wrote Fusion, and then I wrote Flare in August. Flare went the fastest. It’s the longest novel of the three at over 300 pages, but I wrote it in sixteen days.

It was crazy how that series came to me, and I’ve never had another book come to me in quite the same, frenzied way. It was as if it was formed as a whole and it was my job to figure out how to get the story down on the page as quickly as possible.

CC: Have you self-published or would you consider self-publishing?
PR: As an experiment, I made the decision to self-publish Silver Scars last year and then right before that was to be released, I wrote and published a kinky short story, Cheeky, Hipsters, & Jocks with a group of my writer friends. We just did it for fun and as a break from our regularly scheduled programming. 😉 When I considered where my Naked Organics (Farm Fresh, book 1) would go, I realized that series would eventually not fit with what Dreamspinner Press publishes because there will be FF and MFM relationships down the road as well as character origin stories that don’t fit into the romance category at all, so I made the decision to self-publish that as well.

I don’t have plans to be exclusively self-published. I’d much rather be a hybrid writer. But I do love having the control to format my books how I want, put them on sale on a whim, and see how well a book is selling before quarterly reports come out so I can tweak my marketing strategy. That being said, I miss the days of writing and then handing it over to a publisher, which is why I’ll probably keep submitting manuscripts.

CC: Have you mastered your signature yet?
PR: No! And seriously, this is stress inducing. Haha. It gets easier, but I really and truly suck at writing a personalized message in a matter of seconds too. Maybe my third time at GRL will be the charm. 😉

CC: Are you a full-time or part-time writer?
PR: Hmmm. Sorta. It’s complicated. 😉 Two years ago I took a leave of absence from my teaching job so I could homeschool my daughter and with the dream that I’d write full time. That was a tough year and I got very little writing done. Not only was I dealing with learning how to homeschool, I was supposed to be writing enough to make up for my paycheck. That sorta blocked me because it felt like a trial year. Thankfully, I have a great partner who encouraged me to quit my job and let him worry about the money. Then we found kiddo a fantastic new school for this year, so I’m now writing what is essentially full time, or at least I say it is. I also work as an editor. I edit for a publishing house as well as freelance. It helps pay the bills so I don’t feel the overwhelming pressure to produce, which only leads to creative paralysis for me.

CC: Have you ever had a trailer made for one of your books?
PR: I’ve actually made two and will make another one for Picked Fresh. They’re fun to make. The first I made was for Bent Arrow.

Last summer I was in North Dakota, where Bent Arrow is set, visiting my family. I’m from out near where the oil boom is happening on the Bakken Shale Formation and my brother-in-law and nephew both work on the oil fields. I was given a very personalized tour of the oil fields and took a ton of photos, so when I got back home, I decided to put together a trailer to show were Luther and Erik live and work. just to give a feel of how lonely the area is. It’s no wonder they couldn’t get enough of each other.

So when Farm Fresh was getting close to release this last January, I wanted to do another. I knew I couldn’t get out to the Willamette Valley in Oregon for original footage, but I did have other photos I could use so show what life is like on the commune, Kaleidoscope Gardens. With Picked Fresh, I hope to use video rather than stills only. I’m not sure I have much time for that, but I’m going to try! You’ll know by the time this is published because today is my release day!


Hudson Oliva loves stability. He was a throwaway teen before finding Kaleidoscope Gardens, but has since thrived at the commune. When Jude Garrity moves in, life gets even better, but Hudson still craves more. He knows he has to be satisfied with their exclusive status being temporary and that Jude will eventually navigate his full sexual awakening with their other housemates.

Hudson has a journey of his own to make. It might only require going home to settle his grandmother’s estate, but he plans to use his time away to figure out how to temper his feelings for Jude and bury his jealousy once and for all. But when Jude joins him on his trip, Hudson falls even deeper in love, especially after Jude stands by his side when he finally confronts his mother for rejecting him.

However, it’s not all hearts and flowers while they travel. They’re over two thousand miles from home when Hudson learns a ruthless corporate farm threatens the commune they both love. In order to save their way of life, Hudson must ask his mother for help. And if he wants a chance at a stable future with Jude, he has to tell him the truth about his feelings, no matter if it ruins the harmony he’s tried so hard to preserve.

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