Rainbow Snippets December 3-4

Rainbow Snippets is a group for LGBTQIA authors, readers, and bloggers to gather once a week to share six sentences from a work of fiction–a WIP or a finished work or even a 6-sentence book recommendation (no spoilers please!).

In this group you’ll find anything from romance and historical fiction to mystery and YA. The common thread is that every story’s main character identifies as LGBTQIA. The snippets could range from zero flames to full-on sexytimes, anything goes content-wise. The only rule is snippets will be 6 sentences long–one for each color in the Pride flag.”

Welcome to another Saturday filled with Rainbow Snippets!

The link below will take you to the public Facebook group where you find both new and established authors posting bits from their WIPs and new releases:


An idea hit me hard today, I mean it railroaded into my mind and set fires on either side of my brain. It woke me up, and I heard the characters speak to me again. Earlier in the year, I had submitted a story to a publisher, a story I loved and had actually first began writing in 2013. I took that story and turned it into something called PS. You might have seen snippets from it. Alpha and beta readers loved it, loved the quirkiness of it and the characters.

However, the publisher did not love it the same way. They gave me a few things they had trouble with and I told them, I thought I could rework the story for them. It had different aspects that weren’t in the first, however I thought I had a cohesive story. Alas, the publisher did not think it fit with what they were looking for.

And then the election came and well, my mind has been mush pretty much since. I dove into writing a dystopian fantasy, I’ll get back to it, but I realized I missed romance, and I missed PS, even Crossing Bridges which it became in the second run. And a brilliant idea came to be. This past week, I was a part of the Big Gay Fiction Giveaway, and many people were giving short stories that led into larger, longer books. So, today, I introduce you to a snippet from the eventual short story – A Life Online, which will lead into the novel, The Crossings. Both of which I look forward to releasing next year.

The unique aspect to this story, is that it will be an epistolary. It will be told in blog post, IM conversations and letters. I’ve done this before in my novella – The Scarlet Lock, which happens to be in the anthology, Love Unlocked, which has just won an honorable mention in the 2016 Rainbow Awards.


It’s twelve fifteen in the morning, I’m tired of this shit and I’m ready to get a life – even as I type that I’m thinking really? I’ve got a raid in fifteen minutes and I have to be at work at eight am. So, I’ll show up angry and groggy and pissed off. I slept all day after I got off work yesterday morning, woke up at eleven fifty-five and I kissed the picture of some hot dude in a kilt from a magazine for my New Year’s Eve kiss. 

It’s not that I didn’t have invites to parties tonight, I did. I just wanted to run with Sam tonight, Sam and the guild – I couldn’t let them down.




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