Rainbow Snippets – January 16-17


Hello snippetteers, welcome to this week’s edition from Rainbow Snippets. Don’t forget to check out the Facebook group for a whole bunch of great snippets from lots of amazing authors. (I totally just stole that from Louise Lyons. Check out her great snippet.)

This just got the OK from the editor, and the anthology is ramping up for a February release date. I believe we’ve got a blog tour beginning on 2/14/16. For today’s snippet, I give you the rest of the section and why the MC was so angry. And it’s more than anger, it’s disappointment, it’s pain, it’s lust, it’s so much more.



LoveUnlocked_533x800“No, it is not a lie, I am him. And you are so much like your sister, I wanted to enjoy both.” The smile was wicked, full of lust and desire. “Come back to bed, Bran… It is one week, and then we never look at each other the same.”

“It’s Brandon, and how can you do this? How can I?” Those hands that had just caressed him were the same that would soon be caressing his sister—his twin sister.



Thank you, the novella, The Scarlet Lock will release as a stand alone in February, the same day as the Anthology, Love Unlocked. 


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