Rainbow Snippets March 5th & 6th


Hello snippetteers, welcome to this week’s edition from Rainbow Snippets. Don’t forget to check out the Facebook group for a whole bunch of great snippets from lots of amazing authors.

I’ve given you just a little more from the scene last week so you can see, what’s keeping the guy sane, even if it’s not that sane.

Dante & Brooks WIPThe hot doctor that Brooks wished he’d met in better times. The one he’d wished would thirteenth step him, but knew neither would be willing to go that extra step. Brooks really hated the small meetings, he loved big ones, but with the weather getting the way it’s been getting, small meeting with air conditioning were the best, and those meetings usually happened in the midmorning. None of the people in this room, had anything important to do. Maybe LV had to hurry home for the children to arrive, from camp. Or the business man might have an appointment.

The rest of them were there for the cool air, the crappy coffee and making it through one more day.

Dante & Brooks is a WIP, I’m currently at 18k words, hopefully the first draft is finished this weekend. Thank you for reading.


9 thoughts on “Rainbow Snippets March 5th & 6th

    1. 13th Step Defined (http://alcoholrehab.com/addiction-recovery/the-13th-step-in-recovery/)
      13th Stepping is not an official part of the program of Alcoholics Anonymous (or any 12 Step group). It is said to occur when somebody who has more than a year of sobriety tries to start up a sexual relationship with somebody who is new in recovery – or less than a year sober. Sometimes relationships like this do develop in AA, but they are viewed negatively and are not a good idea for either of those involved.

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