Saxon Hawke – 7/6

Caffeine addict. Sarcasm aficionado. Maker of words.

Saxon love stories. She loves to read them, and she loves to write them. Her first novella, Candy Canes & Coffee Beans, was published last Christmas, and she’s working on her first full length novel, Off Kilter, which hopefully will be available mid to late summer. She’s also equally excited and nervous to be a Supporting Author this year at GRL.

Saxon can be found either on her computer or talking to random people in elevators to annoy her son. She believes that love is love, and although she does believe that all her characters deserve a happily ever after, she’s not opposed to messing with them a little bit before they get there.

CC: What do you like about being a Supporting author at GRL?
SH: This is going to be my first kick at the can as a Supporting Author at GRL. As October looms closer, I keep thinking that it really seemed like a good idea at the time. I really am excited about the opportunity to wear my big girl writer pants, but at the same time I’ll be wearing my big girl writer pants! Last year, which was my first GRL ever, I fangirled not only over the featured authors but the supporting as well. For me, the size of your back catalogue doesn’t matter. If I loved the words you made, I was flailing all over you. But I’m going to be on the other side of the table this year, which is pretty damned daunting. I’m proud of my Christmas novella, and I know I will be proud of my WIP which will be out by the time GRL rolls around. Hopefully I can introduce a few new people to my babies. And of course I’m looking forward to meeting the readers, whether they’ve read my stories or not, because above all else, I am a reader too.

CC: Have you mastered your signature yet?
SH: Although I attended GRL last year as a reader, I did have my very first novella coming out that Christmas and I may have mentioned that to a couple of authors during the signing. I was absolutely floored when one of the authors actually asked me to sign his book so that he’d have my very first signature. Is it horrible that I can’t remember who it was? It was during the Featured Author signing, and it was absolute craziness. So much awesomeness in such a small space. On top of that, someone had asked for my signature! I can assure you that nowhere on my “to do before GRL” list had I put practice pen name signature. I’m a bad, bad fangirl. I also had reader ask for me to sign her bag. So I got to practice my name twice in one day. I guess I should start practicing for October, shouldn’t I?

CC: Have you written something out of the m/m realm?
SH: I have actually. I have an unfinished m/f novel sitting on my hard drive pouting at the fact that I haven’t touched it since I started reading m/m. I became so immersed in the m/m genre that I found it hard to go back to the m/f dynamic, both in writing and reading. After I finish my WIP I’m going to go back and look at it. My voice and word making skills have changed so much since I typed those first words three years ago, it will definitely be a major hack-fest of editing, but it’s a story I still want to tell. I love the characters and parts still make me smile when I think of them.

CC: Do you have any writing rituals?
SH: Music. It’s pretty much my universal ritual. If I’m at home, it’s on speaker. At Starbuck’s? My earbuds are in. I have a set writing playlist that I might add to once and a while, but I can’t mix it up. It’s as if the music becomes a musical cone of silence that helps me tune out everything around me. If I add too much to it at once, or change it completely, I just end up focusing on the music and not what I’m writing. Without the music, I hear everything around me. It’s a mix of mellow, up beat, and high energy (because sometimes you need to shake it out and chair dance). If you promise not to tell anyone, I’ll share my secret recipe of songs:

Lightning in a Bottle – Eli Lieb, Safe in my Hands – Eli Lieb, Zeppelin – Eli Lieb, Young Love – Eli Lieb, Come on Get Higher – Matt Nathanson, Steal My Girl – One Direction (no judging), My Confession – Rie Sinclair, Gravity – Sara Bareilles, Possession – Sarah McLachlan, I Need Your Love – Shaggy, Broken – Seether, Renegades – X Ambassadors, Handsome Man – Matt Alber, Drag Me Down – One Direction, Story Of My Life – One Direction, A Thousand Years – Christina Perri, Jar of Hearts – Christina Perri, The Sound of Silence – Disturbed, Hold My Hand – Jess Glynne, Photograph – Ed Sheehan, Incomplete – Backstreet Boys

CC: What was the first panel you’ve ever been on?
SH: Funny you should ask – I will be participating in my very first panel on July 24th. I’m not really sure how it happened, but yes, I’ll be sitting together with a group of authors at the Limestone Genre Expo in Kingston, ON, talking about “what’s hot in romance today”. The scope of genres is quite broad – science fiction, mystery, contemporary, romance, paranormal. I will be the m/m romance delegate on the panel. If you are in the area stop by. It’ll be worth it to watch me explain the allure of mpreg and knotting. No, I’m kidding. Maybe. Or maybe I’ll just sit there repeating “I like cheese” whenever anyone asks me a question. Oh god…what were they thinking?

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