Shorts has some short flash fiction, I’ve written. One of the stories, Easy, was the catalyst for my recent short story Home is Where the Hard is, in Beaten Track Publishing’s anthology, Summer Bigger Than Others.


Jed was prepared for the ride of his life. So was I, but that would be taking place after the rodeo. I carried his riding shit from the beat-up red truck to the edge of the arena without problems, but…
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Brent and I had been looking forward to the weekend. Our bosses had made huge demands on both of us all week, so when my Uncle Neil asked if I wouldn’t mind house sitting for the weekend, I jumped a…
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I’m not sure when he decided to unbutton that shirt. I can tell you exactly when I decided to unbutton those jeans; it was the moment I walked into the room and saw Bobby spread out on the couch. …
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