A tattooed man lying on a bed with his head on a pillow

A few hours later, after checking on her neighbors. Noting that the Millers were having a dinner party, her next-door neighbor was in the kitchen drinking alone again. And she’d just hung up the phone, after a successful appointment. She rang Boaz, after he’d responded to her email with his phone number.

“Apparently, our SnickerShane is heteroflexible. That’s what they told me, so he’s interested.”

“He knows it’s with me?” Boaz said.

“Oh yes, I made certain that they knew of the situation. That the meeting was to take place at the tattoo shop. They said I needed to be present, there needed to not be any surprises. So, it will happen on Thursday evening after your business is closed. I will pay for any missed appointments.”

“No… wait, Thursday as in tomorrow?”

“Yes. I need this, I need it now.” She didn’t mean to be so forceful, but her insides were bubbling thinking of the situation, she’d been relaxing, one hand in her lap, the other on the phone. She was controlling her breath.

“Okay, then I’ll rearrange appointments tomorrow. I’ll be free the entire day. In fact, I’ve got to find a suit.”

“I’ll send you pictures of what…”

“Oh, Dorcas, I’m gay, I know what you want.” He chuckled. “What time should we expect you?”

“I’ve arranged for the appointment to be at eight. I’ll be there just before, and we’ll get the initial work of introductions out of the way.”

“Wonderful, I’ll see you tomorrow night.” He pulled the phone from his ear, then said. “Dorcas, thank you for choosing me.” He hung up.

Dorcas looked at the phone and smiled, pulled out her notebook, turned to the page with times and license plates. She noted the three cars outside of the Millers home. Checking to see if she’d seen them before. One had government plates, she noted this one and circled it. She went to the kitchen and baked her best chocolate chip cookies. Packed them in a container for her neighbors. She’d placed a business card on each of them. She’d planned on spreading the joy to the pained around her.


The phone rang about four, Boaz looked at caller ID and laughed. “You getting cold feet?” 

“Hey, look…”

“You are getting cold feet.” Boaz’s elation fell flat to the floor and he sunk in the chair. The four hundred dollar suit he’d purchased from Nordstrom’s wrinkled as he sat against the coat. 

“Well, I mean. Are you up for this?”

“You told them you were heteroflexible. Did you not realize what that entailed?”

“No, I understand. You aren’t the first guy I’ll have been with, you are just the guy… I mean…”

“Snic… Shane,” He laughed, “Sorry, look. I’ve already touched your cock, it’s not like I’ve never seen you naked. Seeing me, well that’ll be another thing.” 

“Well, what about her?”

“She’ll be behind the mirror, she just wants to watch. I mean, it might be strange at first, but I’ve got ideas.”

“Ideas? You’ve got ideas?” He laughed. “Hey do you have a suit I can borrow?”

“Shane, we aren’t even the same height, let alone size.”

Laughter rattled from the other side of the phone. “I’ve got a suit, I was pulling your leg. I’ll see you in a couple.”

“See you, soon.” He held the phone to his ear, waiting for Shane to push the button.

“What are you waiting for?” Shane said.

“I was waiting for you to hang up.” 

“Oh, is this how it’s going to be, I’ll go first on everything.” His breath shuttered.

After a long moment of breathing, of nervous laughter, finally Boaz broke through. “Shane, you have been with other men, haven’t you?” 

“Yes, but not with the man that mattered.” He breathlessly said. “I’m glad it’s you, man.” He paused again, then. “I’ll be there soon.” He shut off the phone.

Boaz, looked at the phone and wondered.  Only man that mattered, why the hell’d it take us so long?


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