A tattooed man lying on a bed with his head on a pillow

She’d been widowed for the past five years, her marriage had been a run-of-the-mill affair, she’d had three children.
Her oldest, Samantha got married right out of high school. Justin, the middle child had just recently married his partner of several years. And Louis, the youngest had been dating his college sweetheart, he’d shown Dorcas the ring a few weeks back. 

During those five years, she’d started the neighborhood watch program. Sure, there wasn’t anything official, and in fact she’d noticed that in her journals she’d written about some very interesting goings-on, on her street. 

“An idea?” Boaz watched her face change from one shade of lustful pink, to a tinge of deep scarlet red. She was embarrassed, embarking on this idea.

“It only just formed in my head… you, are you… gay?” She said it quickly, “my boy Justin is, he married his partner, when the laws were passed.” She didn’t want him thrown off.

He laughed, “Yes.” He looked at the rainbow flags and stickers hanging around the room, he had placed his biggest ads in Frontier and Rage. “I’m out and proud, Dorcas. I’m happy for your son.” 

She breathed a sigh of relief, “All right, that’s out of the way. So, do you see Snickerdoo… sorry, Shane as more than a friend?” She prodded.

“Well… yes, I mean. If we’re going to be honest here. I’ve handled his body, tattooed every available space on him. I’m running out of skin, unless I can convince him he needs to be tattooed in the obscure places.” He laughed. “I have fallen in love with every curve and crevice of his body.” He’d said it. It’s out in the atmosphere.

There was no stopping now, she was heading down the finish line; she was so close to running into the tape that stretched across the road. “And if I could arrange for a meeting where you could put your arms around him, where you could do everything you wanted to do to him and he’d go along with it, what would you say?”

“I’d say, holy fuck!” He blushed and burst out laughing. “I mean, I’d probably not know what to do.”

Dorcas rose from her chair, placed a hand on his shoulder and walked to the row of doors at the back. “If I’m not mistaken, one of these rooms has a window where one could look in, but not seen, right?”

He’d placed his hand where hers had been and turned in his seat. “Yes… I had it installed for a certain clientele I serve.” He chuckled thinking of the kinkier clients, who liked to watch their partners squirm under the needle. “It’s this one.” He opened the door, showed her into the room, against the wall hung a small mirror. “I only use it occasionally, but when I do, the clients pay a pretty penny.”

“Oh, money is no object, trust me.” Dorcas walked around the room, her hands lingering over every surface, the ink bottles, the books with samples, the table where the client lay, the bookcase, and when she reached the mirror, her finger gradually moved over the thick scratched wood, drawing a smile on the glass. “And how do I get behind the mirror?” She turned to face him.

He smiled and walked to the wall, pushed once. There was a click, and the wall opened, he pulled back and showed her the darkened room. There was a black leather sofa, a table with a small brass lamp on it. There was a phone on the wall. “You’d call when you are ready to leave, I usually open the wall, when I’m finished with the client, the Master exits.” He grins. 

She smiles. “So, this is my plan. I’ll arrange to have Snickerdoodle meet me here. You’ll be in the room, I’d like you both dressed in suits.” She closed her eyes, smiling. “Charcoal, pinstriped, white pressed shirts, and long black ties.” She pressed her hand to her forehead, “Oh, lord… I’m going through with this.” 

“And you want me to tattoo him?”

“Oh no, son, I want you to have sex with him.” She smiled. 

“And you’ll…”

“I’ll be in that room, watching. Don’t worry, I’ll pay for everything. Oh, I do hope he goes for it.” She grinned, her grey eyes twinkled.

“What will you,” He asked and then, stopped speaking. He too was seriously thinking about going through with this.

“I’ll contact you when I find out if they accept the meeting. I will go home and speak with them right now, please do not contact SnickerShane till they have told me they have accepted the appointment.” She moved out of the room, stood before him and shook his hand. “I’m doing this for you, just as much as I am doing it for me. It’s a win, win for both of us.”

He giggled and walked her back out of the building.


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