A tattooed man lying on a bed with his head on a pillow

Shane lay stretched out on the table with his baggy jeans resting on his hips. Over time, his body had developed to the thick muscular build that rested beneath Boaz.  And he couldn’t believe his good fortune, Shane and Boaz had been best buddies since the sexuality course in Jr. College. Ten years later, they are still going strong.

The gentle hum of the machine came to life as Shane whispered, he smirked. “After all these years, it still tickles when you start in with that thing.”

“Be careful; I’m close to the tip.” Boaz continued filling in the red around the roses, just beneath his nipple. A nipple he’d been dreaming about lately.

“I’ve gotten a job on the side, did I tell you that?” Shane winked and nodded his head smirking.

“Another job? What is that three?”

“I have to pay for the tattoos somehow.” He chuckled.

“My art isn’t cheap, but I give you discounts.” Boaz surveyed the body he’d been working on for the past ten years. His fingers had been all over the prone man’s body. Boaz knew the places that made Shane thrum with passion, and sometimes he couldn’t help hitting a nerve, or a spot on the body that made Shane’s member grow. Boaz sighed as he finished the rose.

“But, this job is different, I don’t know how long I’ll have it, but it’s fun. I’m getting paid to make people happy.”

“Well, you pay me to make me happy.” Boaz smiled, thinking of the time he’d worked on the vines that snaked down Shane’s thighs.

“My codename is Snickerdoodle.” He giggled and looked at the deep dark red that spread across his chest. A satisfactory sigh escaped his lips before he continued. “Boze, those are amazing.” He’d never been able to say the name correctly, but Boaz loved the nickname. They replaced all talk of his new job with the praise of the roses that dappled his chest.

Boaz stood, placed the tattoo needle away, and pulled off his gloves. “I’m nearly finished, there’s not much more space on your body.” The disappointment came out more than he’d wanted.

“We can still be friends. I mean you’ve handled my cock more than my ex-girlfriend.” Shane chuckled and pulled on his shirt. He left it unbuttoned to protect the tattoo. “I’ll call you later in the week to schedule the next appointment.”

After Shane had dressed, paid and was leaving the building, Boaz searched the internet for the codename Snickerdoodle. He found the site, and it was one of the most beautiful things he’d seen. A nearly nude picture of Shane Braden, his beautiful tattoos and those gorgeous green eyes under a soft head of orange hair, his beard long and identical. Boaz couldn’t click on the picture fast enough.

As Shane was backing up, talking the bell over the door jingled, in walked Dorcas, the ink distributor that Boaz hadn’t been expecting. He waved and smiled at Shane as he walked out.


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