I had a beautiful blog for a couple of weeks, but it was more a website, than an actual blog. I still find that I don’t like the way this gathers everything I post into one page, but it’s back to what I use to have for a blog. I’ll probably add a few more items on the menus, perhaps a page that is devoted to writers or I don’t know.

I do know that I’m stalling. In saying, oh I have to work on my blog, it has stopped me from writing anything creative. I got caught in the spiral of, OMG! I’ve lost my website. And from there, I just got worse. My desktop died a terrible death. It was the logic board, an $800 repair. Now, I’m wondering if it’s worth it to fix, or just keep using the lap top for writing, maybe spend some bucks on a gaming computer, it’s still in the air.writing thomas martinsen

So, my stalling has me scrambling for what to write. I need to get back in a creative headspace, I’ve got two deadlines looming, with nothing to show for either of them. I’ve got ideas, but that’s it, they are just ideas. Nothing set in concrete. And my husbear says that when I get out of my creative space, I buy books, I make big plans based on these books and then I just do what I’ve always done and write the way I know how.

I do want to understand Denise Jaden‘s system, of Fast Fiction. And I need to understand romance better, need to listen to my guys and really give them their stories.

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