Tag You’re It 11/9

I’ve been tagged by Christina Alexandra, so I figured for my Monday Motivation, I’d let you all know a little about me. Thanks for pushing me to do this.


When did you first start writing? Was being a writer something you always aspired to?


I have always told stories. For a long time I was a herald in the Socie
What genre do you write?
Can you tell us a little about your current work in progress?
When did you start working on this project?
What was your first piece that you can remember writing? What was it about?
What’s the best part about writing
What’s the worst part about writing?
What’s the name of your favourite character and why?
How much time a day/week do you get to write? When is the best time for you to write (morning or night)?
Did you go to college for writing?
What bothers you more: speeling errors; punctuation, errors, or errors for grammar?
What is the best writing advice that anyone has given you?
What advice would you give to another writer?
What are your favourite writing sites or blogs that you turn to for help, tips or encouragement?
Besides writing, what else do you enjoy doing? What are your hobbies?
What’s the best book you’ve read this year?
What’s the best movie you’ve seen this year?
What is your favourite book or series of all time?
Who is your favourite author?
What are your plans for the rest of the year in terms of your writing?
Where else can we find you online?


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