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Tina is a retired Air Force brat and has lived in several states as well as a handful of countries. She has always had a soft spot for literature and is a voracious reader. When she isn’t writing, she can be found cuddled up with a good book. Though Tina adores a thrilling novel with sappy lovesick heroes, she is terrified of things that go bump in the night. This makes for quite a complicated relationship with zombies, something that she just can’t get enough of.

CC: Where do you get your ideas?
TB: All of my stories have some elements of real life but my first story Athan’s Kiss, was inspired by Anne Rice’s Tale of the Body Thief. It sparked an interest in the character that stole Lestat’s body and how he must have been awed by the power that he acquired. How did he cope when he found out that he was a vampire? Athan is similar and wakes up a vampire without any recollection of how he became that way and his journey to find out more about his kind and finds friendship and love along the way.

My second story Shifting Weight is the first in the Shifting Paradigm series and was inspired by a snippet of conversation that I overheard by the squat racks. A man was asking another man about his form and the story played out in my head and within hours I had the first draft written. The story was complete in three weeks’ time.

My fifth story Life Worth Living was inspired by a true event that happened at the end of my senior undergrad year at college when a young man that I had had a crush on for four years trusted me with a secret that he’d carried his lifetime. That night we were the best of friends and after graduation we never saw each other again.

CC: Have you written characters that are someone you know?
TB: My current signed manuscript is in the editing phase and was inspired by a friend of mine. He’s an incredible man and my go-to whenever I have questions and has been a wonderful resource and colleague for years. He loves life, traveling and friends. He always brings a smile to my face by sharing jokes, stories and story inspiration without asking for anything in return. I’ve been lucky that he’s accepted posing as the cover model for this upcoming novel and I’m thrilled to have him as the face for Dorian in Like Nobody Else.

CC: Have you written something out of the m/m realm?
TB: I have written out of the M/M realm. Wanting to branch out into the LGBT+ spectrum, I started with a lesbian short story featured in the Over the Rainbow anthology for eXtasy to help raise funds for the Pulse victims. Though Athan in Athan’s Kiss is pansexual, I want to write more pansexual characters and I also have a transgender YA story bouncing around in the back of my mind. I have a friend that I’ve been wanting to consult with for years and I know he’ll keep me to task to get that project completed.

CC: What’s the worst job you’ve ever had?
TB: I’ve worked at McDonald’s and that didn’t last too long for me. My co-workers were fine and the job was okay but it just wasn’t the right fit for me. I’m more of an introvert and didn’t like working with people all day every day so it was exhausting for me to smile all the time. The funniest part about that job was that my sister worked there, too, during an opposite shift so we never worked together. But our co-workers and the customers often thought we were the same person working from open to close.

CC: Have you written a character you didn’t think anything about, but fans wanted to know more about?
TB: Interesting enough, in Life Worth Living there is a fabulous older gay couple that have a medium role and I never thought much about their story. But, my beta readers seem to like them and wanted to know more about their story and how they met and fell in love. It’s true, that they’ve seen a lot in their path, struggles for equality for example. As much as I’d love to write that story, I’m afraid to get it wrong. I like to write in my comfort zone and maybe one day in the future when I get some more experience under my belt I’d be more willing to tackle a story like theirs.

Latest book released last December 2015 titled Life Worth Living at Wilde City Press

LifeWorthLiving_cvr_100dpi-210x330Blurb: Jake has been in love with Quentin throughout college, studying the sexy science major from afar. Quentin has been in the closet his entire life, keeping his sexuality a secret from his political right-wing family. A summer romance brings the two men together but when Jake is attacked before graduation and then later in his home, the truth about the violence threatens to tear the men apart forever. Only when secrets are finally revealed can Jake and Quentin discover a life worth living.

The sequel to Life Worth Living is titled Like Nobody Else Again with Wilde City Press and the release date is not yet determined. I’m using a friend of mine as the cover model who inspired the character of Dorian whom we meet originally in the museum scene during the first novel. This book has dark themes as did the first one and I hope it tugs at the heartstrings much like the first one did.

Character Teaser 1:
Jake has been in love with Quentin throughout college, taking all of the same classes and studying the gorgeous man from afar. School is almost over and the senior class’s night out is coming up. This is Jake’s final opportunity to reveal his secret crush and proclaim his love for Quentin or hide in the shadows and let life pass him by.

Character Teaser 2:
Quentin has been in the closet his entire life, keeping his sexuality a secret from his political right-wing family who will not only disown him, but take away his trust fund and hopes of graduate school. Jake is an adorable man with a smile that lights up Quentin’s dark world and forces Quentin to make a decision to love freely or to live a lie.

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